plan Subscribe to Ingens


Subscribing to Ingens is easy! Subscription rates are based on connection time. Much like other subscription services, the more you use Ingens, the lower your per minute cost will be. There are two different pricing plans available for Ingens: Packages and Unlimited Plans.

Pricing Details


Minutes are purchased in increments and used when needed. Minutes do not expire.
Packages Rate Per-Minute Rate
60 Minutes $105.00 $1.75
200 Minutes $300.00 $1.50
400 Minutes $500.00 $1.25
1000 Minutes $1,000.00 $1.00

Monthly Invoiced Plans

We also offer unlimited usage plans customized to your specific business needs. Please contact your Sales Representative for pricing and consultation.

Account Set-up Fee (one time fee)

Pre-Paid: $50.00 - Covers customer service costs for renewals and inactive accounts.
Invoiced: $150.00 - Covers invoicing costs and is charged per bill account.